Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Chronology and Interviews

A reporter from the Dallas Morning News called me yesterday about the moment of silence case. In response, I sent her our "Chronology of Requests by a Religious Humanist Family to Be Free from Coercive Judeo-Christian Religious Influence in a Public School". We prepared this 19-page document detailing church-state separation violations at our public elementary school at the request of Dr. Michael Newdow, a medical doctor and attorney who is championing the Restore the Pledge effort. I have uploaded the chronology to our Moment of Silence website.

Later that evening, a reporter from WFAA television news interviewed me in front of the school. The children enjoyed seeing themselves on T.V. The Dallas Morning News article has a link to the WFAA video. If you see any more of these stories, please let me know.

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Mike R. said...

Mr. Croft,
I have heard your story, read your arguments and feel as though I can say without question you are out of your mind.
Your children have every right not to join the Cub Scouts and/or the Good News Bible Club as they apparently did not.
However, what on earth gives you the right to restrict their existence upon the campus at CFBISD?
These two clubs- just like the moment of silence- are totally voluntary. There is no Judeo-Christian Gestapo forcing students to be Evangelical Christians.

I am sure your daughter will survive the terror that singing Silent Night must have caused her. Maybe she will get out of therapy sometime in the next decade. On your daughter's blog she mentions receiving Christmas presents. It may surprise you to learn that Christmas is a federal holiday signed into law by President Grant to honor the birth of Jesus, not to give your children Christmas presents or have 20% off sales at Macy's.
Given that, why would you give her Christmas presents? And if you do, why would you object to the school celebrating a holiday you also celebrate in your home?

No one is telling you you cannot be an athiest or raise your kids in that manner. What I am telling you is leave other people's children alone and don't expect special treatment for being a anti-religious nihilist.

You are restricting the rights of the 99.9% of students in CFBISD to celebrate and practice as they see fit and that is wrong. Your ill-conceived lawsuit will go down in flames and its just disappointing taxpayers dollars will have to be spent defending the constitutionality of the free exercise of religion. I would urge you to read the full text of the First Amendment before filing any more zany lawsuits.