Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alcor Interview

My friend Chana de Wolf recently posted on her webzine "Depressed Metabolism" the article Interview with Alcor member David Croft. I submitted my article questionnaire responses about a year ago so some bits are out of date but it has been edited to reflect that I now have five children instead of four.

The picture included in the article was taken of me at the Alcor conference back in 2006. If you look closely, you can see the reflection of the photographer in the glass behind me, Regina Pancake. I recommend her interview on the same website as she tells of a dramatic brush with death: Interview with Alcor readiness coordinator Regina Pancake.


gv said...

Hello David - I found your page in a roundabout way, looking for a fellow techer who was into software design patterns. But noticing your comment on nanotechnology having promise for extending life, I agree - actually I had a thought some years ago that the mechanism might be a chip insert to treat alzheimer's. If our neural structure were flexible enough to 'migrate' into the chip (assuming its interface mimiced normal neural behaviour), could we then just take out the chip when the body died and do something useful with it?

Just a thought...

Golda my blog

David Wallace Croft said...

Golda, check out the sci-fi book "Nanotime" by Bart Kosko.