Friday, October 08, 2010

Charley Horse

From time to time when I am lying in bed I will get a painful leg cramp. When my children were younger, they once witnessed me suddenly start writhing upon my bed yelling "Charley horse! Charley horse!" This caused them some distress and moved one of them to tears as they could not understand why I would call out the name of a puppet from Lamb Chop's Play Along.

I had noticed that many of these leg cramps were initiated by a morning stretch in which I would extend my toes. I now know that I can instantly relieve a cramp when I feel one initiating by pointing my toes up and extending my heel instead.

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TXatheist said...

Two radio hosts on AM 590 in Austin were talking about you today. Sorry, it didn't go in your/our favor. I was going to call in but they weren't incredibly rude about it so I let it go.