Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Optihumanism Refined

I have refined my definition of Optihumanism as a religion without supernatural elements at the intersection of Religious Humanism, Objectivism, and Libertarian Transhumanism.

You can read more about my views and affiliations at my Religion webpage.


Michael Anissimov said...

Hi there. Nice to see another transhumanist blogging. Not to rain on your parade, but your "optihumanism" is merely a combination of transhumanism (which is already inherently atheistic), libertarianism, determinism, and the fact that you have children which you enjoy. As a meme-complex there's nothing wrong with it, of course, just pointing out that there's nothing new there...

Will you be blogging about your transhumanist views here? I'm hopeful but I'm seeing entries on topics that have been studied and restudied for decades - Objectivism, politics, Plato, etc. Transhumanism is *new* and hence I think it deserves a lot of our attention.

How are you enjoying Kurzweil's book? You'll notice that I got plugged a few times. ;) I would visit singinst.org after reading it.

Did you know that ExI got shut down just recently? A pity, yes. WTA is now the top dog, heh.

Nice to meet you!

David Wallace Croft said...

Hello Michael,

I enjoyed reading your Accelerating Future blog. I added it to my Sage newsfeed reader.

One of the main features of Optihumanism that I want to promote is that it is a religion.

I put aside Kurzweil to read "Freedom Evolves" by Dennett. I plan to return to it soon.

I am not a fan of the WTA:
link 1
link 2

David Wallace Croft said...

link 3