Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Optihumanist Fellowship

Recently I defined Optihumanism as a religion without supernatural elements at the intersection of Religious Humanism, Objectivism, and Libertarian Transhumanism. I have decided to nudge that from Objectivism to Neo-Objectivism. I have also joined a Neo-Objectivist organization, the Objectivist Center.

I have created the Optihumanist Fellowship Discussion List. If you are interested in discussing the future of Optihumanism and the Optihumanist Fellowship, please join.


The CrazyHumanist said...

There is certainly a difference between Neo-Objectivism and Objectivism, so I can understand how you could say a religion could be compatible with Neo-Objectivism.

David Wallace Croft said...

I think that a non-supernatural religion could be compatible with both orthodox Objectivism and Neo-Objectivism. If you ignore the leftist politics of the American Humanist Association (AHA) and focus on groups like the Humanist Society, Religious Humanism qualifies.

The CrazyHumanist said...

I just stumbled across this tonight:

Perhaps this is in line with what Optihumanist is striving towards? It talks about being a "brand" of Neo-Objectivism.

We may not be in agreement in this area, but when I saw this, I figured I would pass this on, since perhaps it would be helpful to you. It is certainly interesting.