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Monday, December 31, 2007

Optihumanist Principles 2007

As is my annual tradition, I have updated my Optihumanist Principles for the year 2007. I think the wording gets a bit smoother each year.

Happy New Year to all. If you have not already done so already, I encourage you to make a New Year's Resolution. I think this is a fine tradition.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Creeping Theocracy

I have uploaded the transcripts of the State House floor debate regarding the recent bill which added "under God" to the Texas state pledge. You can find them from the links on my State Pledge webpage. The first transcript is pretty funny as the legislators debate whether Texas is "indivisible" or not.

The second is more serious. The sponsor of the bill is questioned by the other representatives as to whether the purpose of her bill is religious or not. She responds by referring to the inscription above her. It is not apparent from reading the transcript but she means the words "In God We Trust" which were just recently carved into the archway overlooking the House floor.

The other justification she gives for adding "under God" is that she wants the state pledge to mirror the national pledge. This is a type of argument I have heard before: "we have previously permitted similar infringements so this new one is just more of the same." I call this Creeping Theocracy.