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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Goodbye DVDs

Here is a joke that I think I invented. While within earshot of someone of a distinguished age, you say to a much younger person, "In the olden days, we used to play music from thin spinning discs.... We called them CDs". The younger person will look at you blankly while the older person smiles.

I said goodbye to my Netflix DVD subscription recently.  Instead of sparking joy, the big red envelopes waiting patiently for me in my snail mail inbox for up to three months were actually making me feel guilty. I decided that they did not fit on the boat.

Not only does the postal carrier not deliver DVDs to persons traversing the deep blue, but I imagine that it is also hard to get streaming when you are halfway to Hawaii. For a moment I considered seeing what happens when I drop my Netflix and Hulu streaming subscriptions as well but my wife Shannon put the veto on that. To read more books and get more sleep, I might have to impose a bit of self-discipline and put my smart phone away at night.