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Monday, August 31, 2015

Pacific Northwest

I recently visited the Pacific Northwest for the first time.  A number of my friends and family members have moved out there over the last few years.  They just love it and have been sending me pictures of the beautiful scenery.

I was curious to see it for myself as I have been thinking about moving from landlocked Silicon Prairie to somewhere with access to the ocean, that is not as hot, and that has less mosquitoes.  By coincidence, I discovered while I was there that one of my oldest friends had recently made the jump from Silicon Valley to Portland just a few months ago.  Apparently, this is a trend.

If you visit Port Angeles, take a quick drive up into the mountains to see the unique clear blue waters of Lake Crescent.  While in Seattle, be sure to ride the Ducks, amphibious tour buses that drive into the water to become boats.  Go see why Portland was ranked one of the world's most livable cities.

My thanks to my Pacific Northwest family and friends for showing me their new homes and giving me tours of their new home cities.

Oregon City, a suburb of Portland, the "City of Bridges"
Downtown Port Angeles
Port Angeles Waterfront
Lake Crescent
Seattle Waterfront
Lake Union
Riding the Ducks