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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Yesterday morning I dreamt that I was in the backyard of my childhood home petting the family calico cat.  In my dream, I was thinking that I might have to bury our pet in that backyard someday when she died of old age.  It was puzzling to me how she had managed to live so long since she had been with us since I was a small boy.  Then as I awoke from the dream, I recalled that she was interred there over two decades ago.

Last night I saw the California Life Company (Calico) referenced in a conference announcement for the Society for Venturism.  The website at states:

Calico is a research and development company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to increase our understanding of the biology that controls lifespan.  We will use that knowledge to devise interventions that enable people to lead longer and healthier lives.  [...]  Through our research we're aiming to devise interventions that slow aging and counteract age‑related diseases.