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Thursday, September 29, 2022


Despite devastating hurricanes, I would like to move to the coast someday.  My wife ordered a subscription to Delaware Beach Life magazine for my birthday and we enjoy watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt together even though we know it is fake.  When reviewing my options, I often think about which coastal states have good weather and low taxes

Another criterion that I have started considering is whether the state has legalized euthanasia.  For future cryonauts, having the cryothanasia option increases their probability of survival.  Of the states that have legalized euthanasia, only Oregon has a cryonics facility.

With all of the Libertarians that have moved to the Live Free or Die state, I am surprised that New Hampshire has not already legalized euthanasia.  As you might expect for a blue state, the right to die is protected in its landlocked yinyang sibling Vermont.  I recently joined the Death With Dignity mailing list so that I can track and support progress in each state, especially those with an ocean breeze.