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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Zip Zippers

Previously I wrote about carrying a hundred dollars in assorted bills for unexpected expenses.  By happenstance just a few hours after I wrote that, I had such an expense of exactly that amount while I was out and about.  This has inspired me to write another practical advice blog entry.

Zip zippers.  Unzipped containers tend to leak their contents.  Even if you need to access the contents again soon, zip it up just in case you forget later.  Even if it is empty, zip it up just to keep spiders from nesting in there.

Lock doors.  If a door is unlocked, a child might enter and get trapped inside.  Even if you intend to come right back, lock the door before you go because you might get distracted.  An unlocked door is an unnecessary temptation but a locked door is peace of mind.

Shut cabinets.  Cabinet doors keep dust and vermin off of your items.  It is easier to focus in a work area when you do not have to keep remembering to dodge the open cabinet doors around you as you move.  A room looks less cluttered when cabinet doors are shut.

Close drawers.  People will bump into an open drawer and injure themselves if they do not see or remember that is open.  If enough drawers are open on a dresser or file cabinet, the whole thing will tip over.  An open drawer is a temptation to a child to either investigate or climb.