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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Perpetual Life

Recently I attended a Church of Perpetual Life video conference featuring anti-aging celebrity Aubrey de Grey. Dr. de Grey was recently fired from the organization he co-founded and funded, SENS Research Foundation, for sexual harassment. When asked whether he might join the anti-aging startup funded by billionaire Jeff Bezos, Altos Labs, the millionaire Dr. de Grey replied, "Um, I don't work for people."
I was initially attracted to Transhumanism as a religion when I discovered the Society for Venturism.  I later co-founded the Society for Universal Immortalism (SfUI) but what remains of that organization has become a Facebook group which effectively excludes me.  I did some work for the Terasem Movement some years ago but I have not participated in any of their activities recently.
I am aware of the Mormon Transhumanist Association but that group is too Christian for me.  The Church of Perpetual Life appears to have some soft Deism but I find this tolerable.  I look forward to attending their future video conference events.