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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Godless Documentary

A few years back, I was interviewed for a Canadian documentary on atheist communities in the United States. In the interview, I talked about our church-state separation activism with regard to the lawsuits we filed asking Federal courts to rule as unconstitutional the Texas laws mandating a state "under God" pledge and daily silent prayer in public schools.

The documentary aired in Canada but was not accessible in the United States so I had no chance to see what became of it until just recently. Thanks to a blog posting by Aron Ra, I became aware just this month that the 2011 documentary "Godless" by Craig Goodwill and Patricia Bush is now available on YouTube. My interview can be found at 34 minutes and 50 seconds into Part 2.

"Godless" does a great job of covering the Dallas area atheist community. When I was interviewed, I had mentioned our earlier efforts with the Humanist Fellowship of North Texas and our current progress with the Dallas Brights Family Meetup but that footage was not used in the documentary. I was pleased to see included video of my children participating in Fellowship of Freethought and Camp Quest educational and recreational activities.