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Sunday, March 29, 2015

First Fish

A month or so ago, I decided it would be a good idea to spend some quality time with my boys by taking them fishing.  This was going to require some ramp-up as I had not been fishing in many years.  To my recollection, I had not successfully caught a fish since my childhood even though I had gone fishing as an adult a few times since.

I started buying all of the required fishing tackle.  I read fishing books, watched fishing shows, and subscribed to a fishing magazine.  I made my fishing checklist.

I took my sons to a few community fishing lakes here in the Dallas metropolitan area where we either fished or just scouted them out for future fishing.  The boys and I had fun exploring, getting muddy,  and playing with the tackle.  We did not catch any fish, however.

I also fished a pond at the family farm near La Salle, Texas while I was down there helping my brother Steven clean up the old farmhouse. I had no luck the first time I went but he encouraged me to try again.  I am happy to report that this morning I caught my first fish as an adult.  I have a fuzzy memory that this might have been the very same spot where I caught my first fish as a child.

Steven at Lake Limestone near Groesbeck

Abe and Ted at Towne Lake in McKinney

Ted at Twin Lakes South Pond in Dallas

Ted at Synergy Lake in Richardson

Ted at Synergy Lake in Richardson

Ted at White Rock Lake in Dallas

David at family farm near La Salle

Update 2015-04-15

My son Theodore caught his first fish today.