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Saturday, August 01, 2020

Storage Rotation

Everyone knows that when you store milk in your refrigerator, you put the containers with the most distant expiration dates behind containers with imminent dates. This ensures that your family is more likely to consume your oldest milk first before it expires. You due this to reduce waste.

Years ago I set up a first-in, first-out (FIFO) can storage organizer in my pantry. When I insert my cans into the top slot they roll to the back and then down behind the older cans. As I pull the oldest can out from the bottom slot, the next oldest can rolls forward.

More recently I have been using this practice of storage rotation for my clothing as well. To ensure even wear, I store my newly washed shirts on hangers behind my previously washed shirts. Bear in mind that one of my clever children once said that I dress like a cartoon character since I wear the same outfit every day.

I also started putting my newly laundered towels on the left side of the shelf and then sliding them over after I have used all of the towels on the right. I do the same for my socks so I can replace all of them at the same time when they reach a certain level of wear. When it comes time to replace all of my shirts, I might go down a size since I have been losing so much weight recently.

I have heard about parents rotating toys. They only provide a subset of the entire collection at a time. When an old toy comes back into rotation after being in the attic for some months, the children play with the toys as though they were new.

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