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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Cryonics Community

W. Scott Badger, Ph.D, is the author of the research paper "An Exploratory Survey Examining the Familiarity with and Attitudes toward Cryonic Preservation" published in the 1999 Q1 issue of the Alcor magazine "Cryonics".  About two decades ago, he and I were discussing the possibility of a Cryonics Community website.  I registered a domain name back then for that purpose.

Today I finally got around to launching a website using that domain name  The website includes a link to a Google Groups discussion mailing list.  Please join the list if you want to help shape the future of the Cryonics Community website.

I think what we originally envisioned for the website was a forum where cryonauts associated with any cryonics organization could come together to discuss the topic.  I see that need being met today by the Cryosphere server on Discord.  I also know that there has been some discussion on the Cryosphere about forming local Meetup groups for face-to-face meetings.

I think the new website could instead focus on a different kind of "Cryonics Community".  R. Michael Perry, Ph.D, is the author of the article "A Look Back: Attempts to Establish a Cryonics Community" in the 2021 Q2 issue of "Cryonics".  Dr. Perry documents previous efforts to create places where cryonauts could live together to maximize their chances of a successful suspension.

These communities could include retirement homes where members could check on each other daily such as at mealtimes.  Nearby there could be a cryonics suspension and storage service, a hospice, and maybe even a transhumanist church.  Ideally the communities would also be in places where cryothanasia is legal.

To support these efforts, the website could list local Meetup groups where those interested in forming such a community could connect.  Another idea is that website members could opt into a service in which other members would check on them if they suddenly stop logging in.  Online job listings could encourage migration.

Eventually the website might evolve into a non-profit corporation.  The mission of the non-profit might include encouraging the growth of related for-profit ventures such as real estate development and monitoring services.  A goal might be to establish a cryonics community in every major metropolitan area.