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Wednesday, October 30, 2019


I was thinking the other day about what the difference is between people who stop working on a job when they have met minimum requirements versus those who keep working on it until there is no more work to be done.  An example would be a student who hurries through an exam and turns it in early contrasted with another who spends extra time to double-check all of their work.  It is the difference between a "C" student and an "A" student.

I was also thinking about something related with regard to being inconsiderate versus considerate.  An inconsiderate person will increase the workload of others for the purpose of minimizing their own.  When an inconsiderate person fails to finish a job properly, they often are not even thinking about the impact to others who have to do the final cleanup.

It might be that the word that I am looking for to describe both of these aspects is conscientiousness.  When I read and watch videos about it online, I see that many describe it as one of the key personality traits.  Some further subdivide conscientiousness into orderliness and industriousness.

Being conscientious has long-term benefits.  This implies that those who are not conscientious should try to become more so.  Unfortunately this kind of change requires conscientious effort.