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Monday, March 31, 2008

Emigration is a Right

I updated my Optihumanist Principles as I wanted to communicate that emigration, i.e., to migrate out of one's nation, is a basic human right. Under the "Our lives are our own" section, I write "Emigration, reproduction, and life span are personal choices."

Nations such as China restrict emigration because productive citizens are obligated to serve the state which raised and trained them. China also restricts the right of reproduction to one child per couple because of the national burden of raising and training children. If the laws of your nation restrict your right to settle elsewhere, raise a large family, and even commit suicide, your life is not your own.

I had intended to add emigration to my Optihumanist Principles earlier but it had slipped my mind. I was reminded of it recently after finishing the 1936 novel We the Living by Ayn Rand.