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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Minimalist Home

Previously I wrote about my Fits on the Boat approach to minimalism.  This month I finished reading the book The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker.  I was able to find a large-print edition at my local library.

One of the best ideas in the book that was new to me was the concept of the "convenience fallacy".  Instead of leaving items out for easy access later, I now put my work papers and flip-flops away when I am not using them.  The benefits of having a clean desk and floor space and the effect on the room as a whole outweigh the minimal extra effort.

Another idea was to get rid of specialized tools that do not work as well as simpler tools.  After reading this, I happily threw away my three-in-one avocado slicer without a trace of guilt.  I find that using a knife and a spoon is at least as effective.

The author describes his "Becker method" for de-cluttering a house.  My simpler approach is to find something to get rid of each day.  I have added the task "Minimize" to my advancing tasks grid for daily maintenance.

When I am struggling to find something that I am willing to get rid of on a particular day, I will often resort to simply throwing away an unread magazine.  I am of the opinion that a magazine that I have already read does not count for this purpose as this is also about unburdening myself from unnecessary obligations.  Minimalism is about clearing the way, in both space and time, for new chapters in your life.