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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Migration to Michigan

Here in Texas, we have had a hot summer.  Whenever I wanted to do something outside on the weekends like sailboat maintenance, I had to get out there at dawn to beat the heat.  I expect that future summers will be even hotter.

I started thinking about climate migration again.  I learned that the Great Lakes Region is a climate haven.  Many of my family members and friends are already up there, some having moved within just the last few years.

In my search for a new home, I saw that Michigan came up repeatedly as a future refuge.  Compared to Texas, Michigan is cold but like everywhere else, it is trending warmer.  In a number of decades, it could be quite pleasant.

I also saw that the Cryonics Institute is in Michigan.  I am a twenty-plus-year member of the cryonics organization Alcor located near Phoenix, Arizona where it gets unbearably hot.  A few days ago I became a Life Member of the Cryonics Institute located near Detroit, Michigan where it does not.

Some counties in Michigan have laws that are friendlier toward cryonics than others.  Macomb County, home of the Cryonics Institute, has better laws than some adjacent counties.  It also has good public schools.

Macomb County prides itself on being Boat Town, U.S.A.  It borders Lake Saint Clair which is part of the Great Loop.  They have many yacht clubs, marine businesses, and Coast Guard stations in that area.

As a first step toward my migration to Michigan, I am selling my sailboat and slip here in Dallas.  I will buy another boat after I make the move.  I look forward to sailing up there with other members of the Cryonics Community.