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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Transhumanist Church

In mid-2003, I launched the Transhumanist Church website to announce my intent to create a Religious Transhumanist organization.  The goal was to combine elements of the Society for Venturism with the spirit of early twentieth century American Religious Humanism.  Religious Humanism does not exist as an independent movement today as the bulk of it morphed into secular humanism while the religious remnant was eventually absorbed into Unitarian Universalism.

Depending on the context, the term "Church" either means a Christian organization or any religious organization in general, whether Christian or non-Christian.  To disambiguate, you might use the alternative term "Fellowship" for an organization that is religious but maybe not exclusively Christian.  The term "Society" feels similar to "Fellowship" but maybe more secular.

The Society for Venturism was originally known as the Church of Venturism.  After a founding member of the Society for Venturism joined the Transhumanist Church, the members voted to change the name of their organization to the Society for Universal Immortalism (SfUI).  After that, the Transhumanist Church domain name was no longer used.

Although I am no longer actively involved with the SfUI, I have found a new home with the Church of Perpetual Life.  Along the way, I looked into alternatives such as the Terasem Movement Transreligion and the Mormon Transhumanist Association.  I also started my own personal micro-church which I am calling the Optihumanist Fellowship.  

On my Cryonics Industry Consortium (CrInCo) website,  I have a directory of cryonics organizations providing services in the United States.  It recently dawned on me that I could create a similar website listing Transhumanist religious organizations.  To promote growth in this area, I have relaunched the Transhumanist Church website.