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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


For awhile now, I have been looking for alternatives to traditional Christian holidays.  I have started collecting them on my Optihumanist Holidays webpage.

For a few years now on Easter Sundays, I have been inviting my family members to sign up for cryonics.  It seems fitting since Easter is about resurrection and new life.  So in addition to chocolate and hunting for colored eggs, I say a few words about attempting to cheat death.

I have come up with a new name for this holiday.  I was going to call it LifeHope but I thought it would work better in Latin.  Vita is Latin for life and spes is Latin for hope, hence Vitaspes.

Vita is either pronounced like "wheat-uh" or "whea-tuh".  It is supposed to sound breathy like "wheeze" since it relates to the breath of life.  Spes is either pronounced like "space" or "spayz", I am not sure which.  I am going with "whea-tuh-space" for now.

In addition to inviting others to sign up for cryonics, I think this holiday could be used to share our hope that someday our loved ones who have passed on will be returned to us.