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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dallas Summer

Our eldest three children are off to Camp Quest Texas 2010 this weekend. Last year I posted a blog entry with links to television news clips showing our children at Camp Quest Texas 2009.

The big ongoing event for the family this Summer has been moving into a new house and preparing the old one for sale. With five kids we really needed more space so we finally made the move after almost 10 years in our old home to a nearby neighborhood with great schools. Since we have moved from an adjacent suburb to Dallas city proper, I have stopped tuning out those news stories about the Dallas mayor and the city council that I never cared about before. To make our Dallas residency official, I ordered a subscription to D Magazine.

We look forward to hosting a event at our new place as soon we finish unpacking. We also need to install energy-efficient windows to help cool things down before we invite guests. Here is a list of Dallas area groups that I frequently attend:

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