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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Optihumanist Principles 2017

The latest Brights Bulletin cites Dunk, et al. (2017) A multifactorial analysis of acceptance of evolution.  Quoting from the study: "Understanding of the nature of science was the single most important factor associated with the study of evolution [...]".  This suggests to me that we need to focus less on teaching acquired knowledge and more on the knowledge acquisition process.

I provided an explanation of the Scientific Method in a sermon some years ago. This seems insufficient by itself, however, as the whole process is wrapped in something larger which requires the application of logic. From what I read in Wikipedia, the word Reason is probably what I am looking for here.

Before I pulled it out, a previous version of my Optihumanist Principles included "Reason and the Scientific Method are paths to the truth."  I am re-inserting that back into my 2017 version in this form:

We uphold reason and science as paths to the truth.