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Monday, June 01, 2020

Paternal Advice

I decided to create a website collecting the advice that I want to pass on to my descendants.  I was able to get the website up and running tonight with some initial placeholder content.  I am calling it Papa's Anthology of Paternal Advice (PAPA).

I was inspired to create this website by similar books which were written by authors for the benefit of their children.  I have also heard that one should leave letters to your children to be read after you have passed.  As I document my thoughts on a variety of topics, I plan to keep in mind my children and grandchildren who are reading it as adults, possibly with children of their own.

I plan to harvest some of my essays from this blog to add to the site.  Eventually I might like to republish the PAPA website as a print book.  That way my descendants can have a tangible expression of my hopes for their success.