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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Roy Score

In the sci-fi comedy animated television series Rick and Morty, an arcade game lets you play as "Roy", an average person in average circumstances. The player's in-game decisions create virtual outcomes for Roy from childhood to death.  This fictional game is apparently so immersive that you can forget that you are not actually Roy while you are playing.

Probably the closest thing we have to this in real life is The Sims 4.  This software lets you control virtual people by setting their initial predispositions and then overriding their individual choices as they interact with their virtual environments.  It is considered a software toy rather than a software game in that you play with it rather than "win" it.

In the fictional game "Roy: A Life Well Lived", however, there apparently is a score which can be thrashed by another player.  What are the bases for this "Roy score"? I have put together a list of potential factors with related links: