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Saturday, January 07, 2006

North Texas Atheists

Today I discovered It appears to be a free version of It was recently purchased by Yahoo so I suspect it will take off in a big way.

I created an activism group, North Texas Atheists, which will address local state-church separation issues. At our first meeting, we will adopt bylaws and hold elections.


burntmedia said...

IS this the scumbag suing the Texas government, making it so kids can't sing Christmas songs in school and fighting moments of silence? The same, intrusive, everyone must believe what they want but silently, Mr. Croft? What a shock to see you hail from an academic background, home of the militaristic atheists.

Seems to me like your actions, and this war to remove God and freedom from people, are more like those of a cornered RELIGION than someone opposing them. Your litigious, reptile like brethren are finally starting to anger the common person. One would hope this free for all assault on freedom, religion and the ever threating Christmas Carol (shudder) will soon be met with fierce opposition.

Crawl under a rock you piece of trash.

Ray said...

Ditkaman, like others of his ilk, want those of us (non-theists) to adhere to their beliefs. No, make that submit to their beliefs, but not respect our choosing not to be subject to their intolerance.

If they want to pray (silently) who could possibly object? Why must we be party to their incantations?
Ray Weil

Texasfriendly said...

First of all Mr. Croft, people like you really get on my nerve because of the thought of you and others trying to change things to fit your needs which of course affect others. If the majority felt as you do, I could almost understand..but most of the world do believe in GOD Almighty. I feel that when someone object to an issue or situation which affect more people than yes you and a few others, then its WRONG! If you do not like the pledge, then move out of Texas or do home schooling. Why should you be privileged to change a tradition becuase of your beliefs when it affect so many others. If the pledge were to be changed for you and others like you, then what about all of the other people and children that it would affect who want the pledge as it is, do they not have rights like you and your children???? Mr. Croft, whatever or whomever you belived in..then talk to it or whatever..about what you feel and STOP trying to subject everyone else to conform to your beliefs. I was born in Texas and schooled in Texas..the pledge is part of our tradition and God is most of our belief. I live in North Carolina at this time, and I am not here to change North Carolina's tradition, I choose to be here..and was not ask to come why should I disrupt their beliefs and traditions, and this applies to you as well. So, as stated, if you do not like the pledge...home schooling is a good choice for you or MOVE! Who knows, when your children are grown, they just might blow your mind and find that they have a belief in God...and no longer believe like you do...most of the time children enjoy life and are not worried about tradition etc., but its us GROWN FOLKS...who want to superimpose changes and make big deals out of something...

endoffaith said...

Please try to follow basic grammatical rules and decent writing standards for future rants. Your posts will be much easier to read.
Texasfriendly AND ditkaman:
It is always amazing to me when people of faith FREAK OUT over other people's decision to excercise a different choice. What are you so afraid of? Wasn't it Jesus (to whom you suppose dedicate your allegiance--although that isn't obvious from your behaviour) who said to love the nonbeliever? Your personality might be better suited to a religion that follows the Quran since it calls for the death of nonbelievers on basically every other page. (tell the LOVE that idea, don't you?!) Just a suggestion, because you don't seem to be doing christianity a service by blatantly ignoring Jesus' direct instructions as well as one of the Ten Commandments ("Thou shalt not judge.") I doubt Jesus is very happy with you for turning your back on him in favor of your own need to be morally superior. You should probably take a break and do some praying and soul searching before you reply, and again make christians look like judgemental, agressive fanatics who can barely articulate a coherent, rational (much less, kind or loving) thought. I know your face is red, and you are shaking right now, but really...stop and think about it!