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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Intelligent Design

The NOVA program Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial was recommended to me by my attorney Dean Cook. I watched with interest as this is a documentary about a recent trial on evolution vs. creationism in government schools. It has parallels with our Moment of Silence and Pledge cases. The entire show is available to watch online.

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Unknown said...

This country sir was founded on the principles of, among other things, the freedom of religion. While I understand the need for separation of church and state, I also can understand that to mean that the state shall not sanction nor impose onto me any one particular religion. You are a classic example of the few-or in your case the very few-getting their way in spite of the many. A decidedly undemocratic way is it not? Why are you imposing your will on the people of your community and the children in that school? If you are so determined your kids not be exposed to religious ideals then why not home school or send them to private school? It takes quite the hypocrite indeed to demand that you not be imposed upon and then get your way by imposing upon others. You and people like you infuriate me to no end.