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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Uncle David

My uncle David Collis Hewitt passed away recently.  We had known for some time that his death was imminent.  I did not really grieve, however, until just before his casket was sealed.

From my childhood, I remember that he would play board games with us when we visited the family farm.  When I became an adult, he gave me one of his paintings to hang above my desk.  He was a good uncle.

In his last years, the inoperable brain tumor in his frontal lobe had changed his personality.  When I visited him in the nursing home, he seemed to switch between his old persona and a new one.  Each had a different voice.

The funeral service featured a Christian sermon and a Mason death ceremony.  Both had something to say about our mortality.  An Optihumanist memorial service would be quite different.

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