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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Optihumanist Principles 2020

For my annual revision of my Optihumanist Principles, I rearranged the order of the sections to improve the flow.  I also updated the content of the Democracy and the Optimism sections.  Here is the revised document in its entirety:

  • Reality is real. We choose to live our lives free from fear of the supernatural. We uphold reason and science as paths to the truth. We build heavens for ourselves and our beloved in the here and now.

  • Religion is natural. We answer the call for a new religion compatible with the scientific spirit. We gather as a community to educate and to celebrate. We find meaning in ourselves, our descendants, and each other.

  • Democracy is respect. We adapt to change by adopting change. We demonstrate our faith in our fellowship by voting as equals. We defend the rights of others as our own.

  • Life is limitless. We create and share knowledge to expand our possibilities. We invent and innovate to overcome infirmity and mortality. We welcome the propagation of life throughout the Universe.

  • Optimism is opportunity. We hope for the best and prepare for the best. We pursue our goals tenaciously despite repeated setbacks. We recognize long-term incremental progress.


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