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Monday, August 29, 2022


Recently I have been attending a monthly online meeting hosted by Rudi Hoffman called the Cryonics Community Coalition Party.  This should not be confused with something political such as the Transhumanist Party.  The term "Party" here means getting together on a video conference for cryonics-related conversation while wearing silly hats.

While participating in these discussions, I proposed creating a Cryonics Industry Consortium (CrInCo).  By consortium, I mean a non-profit organization formed to promote the growth of the cryonics industry as a whole.  I anticipate that members would be cryonics organizations rather than individuals.

I am also inspired by my recent experience with a self-regulatory organization (SRO).  I think CrInCo could spin off an SRO as a separate organization at some point in the future.  Another goal of CrInCo might be to serve as a clearinghouse for the industry.

Tonight I launched a website to promote the proposal.  I have also created an associated Google Groups discussion group.  I am optimistic that this could take off soon as the list of cryonics organizations is growing.


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